Clinical Facilities


»6 Modern Operation Theatres
» well equipped ultra modern ICU,SICU,MICU,PICU,NICU,ICCU
»24 hour Casualty
»X-ray with digital CR machine,X ray-800mA,X-ray 600mA, X-ray 300mA, X-ray 100mA (3-Portable X-Ray Machine) and 2 USG machine (color) and
»Auto-analyzers for simultaneous measurement
»Ambulance Services well equipped
» Computerized treadmill testing (stress testing)
» Broncoscopy
» Colposcopy
»Endoscope Procedures
»Laparoscopic System
»Sophisticated Laboratory Services
» 2-D echo, colour Doppler and diagnostic ultrasound
» Pulmonary function laboratory and allergy testing
» Renowned medical consultants available