Infrastructure !

Pre & Para Clinical Departments

Academic/ operational Features
The department has fully functional subspecialties such as Gross Anatomy, Radiological anatomy, Neuroanatomy, histology, embryology and genetics. It has fully equipped demonstration rooms, well ventilated & fully equipped dissection hall, histology laboratory with all types of slides, research laboratory, museum with different types of specimens, charts and models and staff rooms for all teaching and non-teaching staff.

The department is engaged in a number of curricular and extracurricular activities. The students are encouraged to participate in them. A large number of CT images are labeled and displayed in dissection hall. These images are very useful for teaching cross sectional anatomy to the undergraduate students. Histology and Radiological anatomy teaching through CD on LCD projector is done.

» Human skeleton: articulated and dis-articulated are present for educational use.
» Embalming of dead human bodies in the department is done.
» Gross anatomy and histology practical manual for MBBS students is maintained.
» Charts and models of various organs are displayed for educational purpose.
» Full fledged microscopic glass slide preparation lab is working to teach different stages of preparation of slides.

The Department has fully equipped demonstration room, well ventilated & fully equipped amphibian lab, mammalian lab, haematology laboratory and clinical physiology lab for students, Research laboratory, Museum with different types of specimens and staff rooms for all teaching and non-teaching staff are also available.

» Laboratory manual is prepared & maintained by the students.
» Special CDs, Presentation are available for teaching different topics of interest to students.
» Charts and models are displayed for educational purpose.
» Different labs for amphibian, mammalian hematology and clinical physiology are available to meet all necessary aspects for UG/PG teaching and training as well as research work.
» Research Lab is being utilized for various research programmes going on in the department with coordination and cooperation of clinical departments.
» Departmental library is equipped with all latest journals and books to aid in the education and research.

Academic/ operational Features
The Department has fully equipped demonstration room, well ventilated & fully equipped biochemistry lab, Research laboratory, Museum with different types of specimens, charts and models as a teaching aid for the students are present in the department. Staff rooms for all teaching and non-teaching staff are also available.

» Teaching manuals are prepared and maintained by all students.
» Department is having highly sophisticated equipments to help diagnose various biochemical changes in patients.
» Department provides round the clock facility to patients for different biochemical tests in the hospital on 24x7hrs basis.
» Research lab is provided to aid in the different research programmes going on in the department in coordination with other clinical departments.
» Departmental library is having different latest edition of journals and books for reference.

Lecture Theaters
The College has 2 Lecture Theaters (Gallery type) with capacity of 180 students and supported by modern facilities like LCD Projectors, Collar Mike with Speakers.

Administrative Area
Administrative Area has sufficient space to house Principal, Medical Superintendent, College Council Room, separate departmental offices for HOD’s and other professionals and doctors.



Total Number of books


Current subscription to Journals


Indian Journals


International Journals


Facilities available in the library
» Fully automated
» Book Bank
» Photocopying facility
» Internet facility
» Online & Manual journals
» Clinical Key (Medlar) online

The library is fully air conditioned, well lighted, fire alarm fitted, esthetically designed and well executed. Any member of this College has free access to a rich collection of 5200 books, around 40 journals at any time between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on working days and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays and Holidays. The modern man’s urge is to get the maximum knowledge in the shortest time with minimum efforts utilizing the modern means, understanding this maxim, the Library provides and facilities for the students and the faculty to have free access to CD’s, DVDs, online journals and internet facility.
Audio and video room are present with wide range of CDs and Videos. Number of anatomical models are also exhibited in the library to enhance student’s learning. Photo copying facility too is available in the library to help the users.

Hostel Facilities:
separate accommodation for girls and boys with basic amenities like sanitation, connectivity, recreation and interaction with the faculty for a congenial atmosphere with in-house mess facility.

Medical Facilities:
In house medical facilities are available for all living in campus.

Staff Accommodation:
Sufficient on Campus accommodation for Faculty and Ancillary staff is available.

Sports & Recreation:
The Campus has recreational and sporting activities to keep the students healthy and fit through out the year.